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Secure Checkout & Payment

To protect the security and privacy of our customers, Cachet Kids Ltd has invested in leading edge encryption technology. This mean the information you type in will come to us across the Internet in a way designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. The technology used for this is called SSL.

Cachet Kids Ltd is a U.K. registered limited company. Our company number and V.A.T. number are given on the "about us" page, together with our shop address, telephone number and registered address. Our business conducts are subject to U.K. and EU company laws. We are a registrant under U.K. Data Protection Acts (registration number Z9015744) and therefore have legal obligations to protect all the information you exchange with us under the U.K. and EU Data Protection Acts. For further details please see the UK government web site Information Commissioner’s Office.

On the checkout page's address bar you will see https://www.cachetkids.co.uk. The "s" means we use SSL for the checkout.

If you use Miscrosoft Internet Explorer 8 or below, then on the bottom right hand side, you will see the mini-lock symbol (if you cannot see this, try enabling the option [View] [Status Bar] from your Internet Explorer menu):

Double click on the minilock will bring up the SSL certificate details.

If you use Internet Explorer 9, the mini-lock will be next to the address bar.

The security certificate is issued by C.O.M.O.D.O, a leading international security company which provides services which require the highest possible levels of trust and integrity.

Secure Payment

We use a UK leading independent payment provider called Sage Pay to process UK and international credit and debit cards. Your credit and debit card number details are transmitted securely using SSL to Sage Pay and are held by Sage Pay in encrypted format. We do not have access to your credit card details. Sage Pay is a company audited by VISA and MASTERCARDS as conforming to their highest security PCI DSS standards, as well as authorised by many leading UK, European and US banks to collect payment so please rest assure that your payment is completely secure. For more details on Sage Pay please visit their web site by clicking here.

For backup we use PAYPAL.