Glitter 3 piece boy ivory waistcoat set

Product Code 6942234672087
EU €17.09 US $17.09 AUD $26.23

Special occasion baby boy 3 piece glitter waistcoat set in ivory comprising:

  • ivory waistcoat with silver flake
  • ivory cravat
  • ivory handkerchief for decorative pupose

Back of waistcoat is white satin fabric with adjustable strap and buckle. For wedding, christening and special occasions.

The measurements are given below.  The chest and waist given are the maximum chest and waist (the boy waistcoat has an adjustable strape to make the waistcoat smaller for a tighter fit).  When measuring the boy's chest, please add at least two extra inches (5cm) for a proper fit.


Size  Length  Chest & Waist  Neck (max) 
 2  13.5"/33cm  24"/61cm  12"/31cm
 4  14.5"/37cm  25"/63cm  12"/31cm
 6  15.5"/39cm  27"/69cm  12"/31cm
 8  16.5"/42cm  16.5"/42cm  12"/31cm
 10  17.5"/44cm  30"/76cm  15.5"/39cm
 12  19"/48cm  32"/81cm  15.5"/39cm