Christening Candles for Baby Boys

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Lovely keepsake christening candle for a baby boy. You can ask the Priest to use this candle in the Baptism celemony and keep it afterward for the child. 

Some parents will light the candle on the child's birthday every year until one day the child askes about the candle, that is when they tell the child about the meaning of Baptism, the celemony, who were there and the love that went into planning the celemony.

The candle is quite large - about 60mm diameter and 170mm in height. It has a wind-proof top.

The picture shows a hand holding holy water over he baby's head.

Words on the candle says "Christening Blessing for your Baby Boy" and the back says "Christening Prayer - May God protect you little one, and bless you from above with everlasting happiness and with His Precious Love. God Bless this little baby who's starting on life's way. God keep a constant vigil through every night and day.  God light the world around this child with many gifts of grace so they will always know it as a very happy place."