Boys White Belt In Leather With Pattern

Product Code 6942234693020
EU €14.81 US $14.81 AUD $22.73

Boy's white belt in patterned leather.  This kid's white belt has a perfect width of 1" (25mm) for use with formal trousers. It is 100% leather and hand made in Spain.

Please measure your child waist and choose the size accordingly from the guide below.  The age guide is based on the average school trousers sizing.

  • Size 6-9 years - length 60cm, for waist between 21.5"/55cm - 25.5"/65cm
  • Size 10-14 years - length 70cm, for waist between 25.5"/65cm - 29.5"/75cm
  • Size 15-16+ - length 85cm, for waist between 30.5"/78cm - 34.5"/88cm